FreeStateMesh.net is an effort to bring resilient mesh networking to New Hampshire. Want to help?

We started gathering data in 2017, tested software and hardware in 2018, and we are going to beta test our network in 2019. Read below to learn more. We are looking for active members to build the decentralized network of the future. Is that you?

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Beta network to launch in Manchester

The basics

The idea is that we can have decentralized, secure, cost effective, resilient communications channels today. A few technologies are coming together to change the way we communicate with each other. Here’s how:

  • Routers and wireless technology today is high quality, cheap to buy, and cheap to operate.
  • Routing protocols are robust.
  • Encryption is fast and robust.
  • World computers (smart contracts) make it possible to manage organizations in a decentralized way.
  • Secure digital payments are possible thanks to decentralized ledgers.
  • Digital money has a stable value thanks to smart contracts.

Culturally, the idea of centralized tech is taking big hits. People often describe a love-hate relationship with their ISP and giants such as Facebook. At the same time decentralized tech is starting to bloom. This project aims to be a part of this massive paradigm shift.

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The EdgeRouter X is cheap, fast, powerful.

What are the features of this network?

  • Routing on many different systems using an OpenWRT variant called Althea.
  • Wired and wireless mesh networking using babel routing protocol.
  • Babel modified by Althea developers to calculate value (cost/speed) when determining routing.
  • Those active in this network manage it via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and governance software called AragonOS running on the Ethereum network.
  • Payments via payment channels, ensuring fast transactions between good actors. DAO has governance functions for bad actors.
  • Payments are made in Dai, a stable-coin by Maker DAO, running on the Ethereum network.
  • Network uses WireGuard encrypted tunnels between consumer nodes and exit nodes to the internet.
  • Network uses WireGuard encrypted tunnels between each node ensuring nobody in the network can view traffic.

Read more about: Althea Dai MakerDAO Ethereum AragonOS Babel OpenWRT WireGuard

This unit is for homes and small businesses, features WiFi.

Want to make this happen?

We need more motivated and smart people like you. Network deployment isn’t the only problem we face. We need marketers, community liaisons, customer service, ideas people, installers, investors, and more!

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